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BusinessPaye : Professional & boutique payroll solutions

Our Fees

Simple - Clear - Honest

We have no onboarding costs including opening your PAYE scheme with HMRC and your pension scheme. We do not charge for adding new employees, issuing P45's or any end of year activity such as P60s. Our typical client pays £37.00 per month + vat.

1 to 7 Monthly Paid Staff

£2.85 per payslip plus vat (subject to a minimum monthly fee of £24.16 plus vat)

8 to 29 Monthly Paid Staff

£2.75 per payslip plus vat

30 Monthly Paid Staff or More

£2.65 per payslip plus vat

Auto Enrollment Pension Management

£10.00 per month plus vat

Secure Payslip Portal

The higher of either 20p per employee per month plus vat or £5.00 per month plus vat.

P11D Submission (Benefit in Kind Declaration)

£50.00 plus vat for your first P11D/P11D(b)
Then £10.00 plus vat per additional P11D

Weekly paid staff are charged at £2.30, £2.20 or £1.90 respectively with a minimum fee of £15.00 per week, all plus vat.

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