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BusinessPaye : Professional & boutique payroll solutions


Our Fees

1 to 7 Monthly Paid Staff

£2.60 per payslip plus vat (subject to a minimum monthly fee of £21.66 plus vat)

8 to 29 Monthly Paid Staff

£2.50 per payslip plus vat

30 Monthly Paid Staff or More

£2.40 per payslip plus vat

Auto Enrollment Pension Management

£10.00 per month plus vat

Secure Payslip Portal

The higher of either 20p per employee per month plus vat or £5.00 per month plus vat.

P11D Submission (Benefit in Kind Declaration)

£50.00 plus vat for your first P11D/P11D(b)
Then £10.00 plus vat per additional P11D

Weekly paid staff are charged at £2.10, £2.00 or £1.70 respectively with a minimum fee of £15.00 per week, all plus vat.