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Our Payroll Service in Detail

A little list of what's included to give you some peace of mind

  • Registration with HMRC as an employer.

  • Initial set up on our systems including any work involved in taking over a payroll from another bureau.

  • BusinessPaye noted as payroll agent with HMRC so we can deal with as much as possible for you.

  • Sending all RTI data HMRC require.

  • Automatic monitoring and applying of tax codes & Student or Post Graduate Loans start/stop notifications.

  • Adding any new employees and applying P45/P46 and calculating their first pay.

  • Calculating and processing any Statutory payments such but not limited to SMP, SSP, SAP, ShPP.

  • Calculating and processing any AEO's.

  • Processing leavers, calculating their final pay and issuing P45.

  • Processing P60's.

  • Dealing with queries from you or your team.

  • Producing clear reports showing copy payslips (staff receive their payslip directly via the portal), a clear monthly summary and a P32 (HMRC liability) and details on how to pay.

  • Producing (if requested) a banking file to upload to your bank helping you to pay your staff quickly and efficiently.

  • All personal data sent to you via a password protected link.

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